This path I’m on
was designed for me.

I weighed in at +230lbs.

Shy and under spoken, and unhappy with myself.

I used to not want to live.

I used to wake up crying because it was another day to fight the mental battles…

-80 pounds amongst other triumphs later-

People ask me, “What did you do/change?” and “How did you do/lose it?”

This is why Get Posi was started.

I want to pass it forward,

and pass on the reflective gems 💎   and positive vibes ✨

that transformed my life-

as an overcomer of childhood obesity,

and as a survivor of suicidal thoughts.


We are currently in a

Childhood /Obesity Epidemic,

and overweight kids

have an 80% chance

of becoming an obese adult.

Meaning, they are at a higher risk

for diabetes, stroke,

other conditions,

-Ultimately an early death.

I beat the odds.

And I want to be there

for others who struggle with weight (loss)

and positive thinking too.

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Peace and blessings✨,

Paige Blessman // P.