On the journey to Myself, I’ve been so many people. Personal growth becomes so addictive once you realize it’s always possible to improve your experience of Being. Humble as ever But very aware of my worth. I prefer Blessed, than lucky. Peace feels so good. Self-discovery is the most rewardingContinue Reading

Visit The Curly Supply for your crown needs my fellow curlfriends! Something new and bright! I am absolutely looking forward to this next season in my life 🔥 I have not been my best lately [read more here], And I feel like this hair change is igniting something in me!Continue Reading

I know. You’re busy. And finding the time to take proper care of yourself can be hard. But if you don’t, it won’t be long before you’re beat from exhaustion and operating in a mental fog where it’s hard to care about anything or anyone. ☁️🌥☁️ We’re already a fewContinue Reading

School’s Out with PlateJoy School’s out for summer and you’re probably going to start hearing “I’m bored” and “I’m hungry” a whole lot more these next few months. Don’t panic, PlateJoy is here to calm the chaos and take the guess work out of mealtime this summer. What is PlateJoy?Continue Reading

I’m getting straight to the point. You cannot outwork a bad diet. No. Trust me. I’ve tried too. I didn’t get faster, lasting results until I committed to a balanced nutritional lifestyle- with less junk and more greens. We cannot eat sugary cereals, pizza, cake, sweets, fried chicken, burgers, macContinue Reading

And look your best. Here are a few small habits guaranteed to improve your health and wellbeing. Do you want to get rid of that sluggish feeling? It’s the small steps that really get you further from it. (1) Drink 80-110 oz of water daily Visit copperh20.com Visit Big BottleContinue Reading

I stopped weighing myself on the regular because it was driving me crazy, Being obsessed with numbers. I wanted to make this healthier lifestyle comfortable. Not have a new uncomfortable. Numbers had a hold on me, and they negatively impacted my day and life. I didn’t need more stress, butContinue Reading

For those who are just getting to know-know me, I’ve been doing this weight loss thing since childhood. On and off. Taking my time. Yo-yo’ing. Whatever. It’s getting done though! I remember being on a soccer team, and my parents registered me for the “Play To Lose” program- It didn’tContinue Reading

I read this article about how, people thought the childhood obesity rates were plateauing, But actually, scientists found that the rates are stillllll, increasing. This is alarming! 🚨🚨🚨 And I really do not understand why This epidemic is not talked about more! Why aren’t we doing more? All I canContinue Reading

*sponsored by Platejoy* Society has told us a “cheat” day (meal) is when we go off our “diet” and eat whatever our guilty pleasures are. There is power in words you know. And, I just don’t like saying “cheat day” or “cheat meal.” Because food is not “cheating.” Eating isContinue Reading

ALERT: THIS IS NOT ABOUT ANY BEAUTY STANDARD This is about Creating myself. & Creating someone I Love. I am experimenting with myself. And I’m Being whoever I want. This is about making My own choices. This is about Me, trying new things. Overcoming overweight, and childhood obesity I have hadContinue Reading

*FYI this will turn out to be a lengthier post* If I got to be in a room with my 15-year-old self, I would hug her. I would hold her tight and super long, rocking back and forth cause that’s the hug she always needed then. I would hug herContinue Reading

When you care, for yourself… 😆😂 Okay fr. A better question is: What does Self-Care look like? Self-Care = Activities that nurture Self. Activities that contribute to the maintenance of well-being, personal health, and development. I compiled a short list of the smallest acts of Self-Care, And even if you’ve hadContinue Reading