Self-reflection is about (analyzing and) understanding your thoughts and behaviors. It is increasing your awareness of yourself. It is introspection. Why is introspection important? We think more than 50,000 thoughts per day, If we do not take the time andContinue Reading

Let’s start with, what is optimism (noun)? Google says, (yupp Millennials Google everything😆) & let’s look at optimistic (adjective): Yay, that’s cool and all… To be hopeful and confident, YES. But we know Life throws us curve balls to hit,Continue Reading

It’s not wanting to get out the bed. It’s losing interest in your favorite things. It’s being nonchalant with your loved ones. It’s being tired but no amount of sleep or a full lazy weekend can rejuvenate you. It’s notContinue Reading

Affirmations are helpful when the pressures of Life are heavy, and are clouding your judgment of direction. Here are some powerful affirmations to realign your thoughts, and to get you pushing forward through the clouds!  ☁️ ☁️ ⛅️  ☀️ All that IContinue Reading

I stopped weighing myself on the regular because it was driving me crazy, Being obsessed with numbers. I wanted to make this healthier lifestyle comfortable. Not have a new uncomfortable. Numbers had a hold on me, and they negatively impactedContinue Reading