Is posi-tivity and optimism the same?

Let’s start with, what is optimism (noun)?

Google says,

(yupp Millennials Google everything😆)

& let’s look at optimistic (adjective):


that’s cool and all…

To be hopeful and confident,


But we know Life throws us curve balls to hit,

and storms to walk through!

Then how are we supposed to feel during those times?

That’s why I also included optimistic because the second definition says,

involving an overestimate

When I’m being realistic with Life, I don’t want to overestimate the good feelings

and feel wrong, stupid for thinking those good feelings, and be let down.

I don’t want optimism tbh.

I want positivity!

The keyword (to me) in positivity is practice,

like it’s a skill and something to be mastered,

not just one way of being / feeling.

Positivity is something to be mastered

amidst those curve balls and stormy seasons.

So let’s look at positivitist..?



Found that another Google click later, and

ain’t got anything to do with what I’m talking about,

Well.. #2.

So I wrote my own definition cause it’s 2019

and I can and I did and am sticking with it

and even more, honestly hope you’ll join in on this way of thinking.

This is my main message behind Get Posi.

It’s not about being happy.

It’s not about just putting a smile on.

It’s about being present in Life and living life.

Life is to be lived, not controlled.

While getting hurt is reality, getting and staying upset or bitter is a reaction.

We must live a lifestyle of practicing positivity.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve considered my definition

and join me in spreading this message.


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Peace and blessings✨,

Paige Blessman // P.

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