It’s time to harness the power of AI in your marketing

Wondering how you can keep your social media profiles active while you are away, or respond to real-time data in your digital marketing? There are many ways to add artificial intelligence (AI) to your marketing strategies —  and enjoy time savings!

Typically, to gain new business, we are told to join every social media platform, keep our profiles up to date, post regularly (three to five times a day), use hashtags and have a website to lead people to. And, that’s in addition to our day jobs. Yes, it’s #overwhelming!

If your marketing is social media focused, regular posting is a good idea. However, if your purpose of using social media is to gain more clients, it is ideal to have a more structured plan that will ultimately save you time and help you close more sales.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is your ultimate instrument. With AI, you are able to:

— Function without stopping, especially with scheduling options;

— Automate work processes;

— Receive predictive analyses;

— Collect large quantities of data and receive the answers you need;

Finally, find your audience and people more prone to take the call to action (CTA) of your message.

Amid this digital age, we must use the tools, resources, and algorithms that can help you increase leads and secure more bookings. Automating your digital marketing will save you valuable time and boost your conversion rate with predictive lead scoring.

With an estimated 2.77 billion social network users around the globe, social networking platforms possess an unimaginable amount of data. AI will uncover patterns and predict success for you; it is already embedded in social media platforms when choosing to boost a post. The ad platforms can segment an online audience more likely to take the call-to-action message offered up by your ad.

Conversion rates advance with increased relevance and resonance of digital copy and imagery. This is good news for speakers who are looking to book shows online. The key is recognizing themes in the content used in your social media that works for the audience.

Why use artificial intelligence as part of all this? The real question is, why not? AI is already deeply entwined in our personal lives with tech like Siri and Alexa; AI is also becoming the right-hand helper of marketers.

According to WorkMarket’s 2020 In(Sight) Report, 53 percent of employees state that they can save up to two work hours a day (240 hours per year) through automation, and 78 percent of business leaders believe that automation can free up to three work hours a day (360 hours per year).

Some initial reluctance towards AI may surface. However, ongoing use allows the technology to learn from new information. Then, it becomes more powerful over time. This makes each subsequent campaign more effective. Go ahead, dive into AI…the water’s fine!

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