I just took out my box braids

so it was wash day.

And it was Sunday— so that was it

For my plans for the day.

By the time I was done

With my routine

I didn’t want to air dry it,

Because it wouldn’t be dry before bed;

So I used my diffuser.

And. I was just Fed Up.

My curls didn’t turn out

The way I wanted.

And I was just Sick of

Trying to figure the exact

Amount of product

And in what sequence

In order for my curls to come out juust Right.

So I said ya know what,

I don’t wanna do anything

With my hair anymore.

I’m going to loc it.

Not too long after that did I get starter locs /

comb coils.

After two weeks I did freak out

Like I want to comb them out—

My hair won’t loc right.

I talked to a few loc queens

And they reassured me.

Appreciate them!

Plus two weeks

is always when

I’m in the mood

For a hair change,

So it was a typical

#mood to me to change, but

then I bounced back and

I haven’t looked back

Or missed my curls at all

Since then.

I was almost four months loc’ing in in the pictures below,

I’ve been nnjoying every stage.

Here are some short and sweet answers to a few questions I’ve received lately…

1- I started with comb coils

2- I waited for a little over one month for my first wash/ re-twist

3- My loctician uses the palm rolling method

4- Yes you can comb locs out, and here are two lovelies who have: @curlsofpoetry & @nessashani

5- Not sure the color of my hair- It was dyed red/orange last year and I just let it fade grow out and I’ve used temp dye before and so now it’s brown and blonde

6- I’m really enjoying this #locjourney‼️ — Day by day I feel more Me and I understand why people with locs say they feel more Free #locdnotbound

7- Rose water mixed with vitamin e, tea tree oil and peppermint spray

8- I have 97 #babylocs almost 4 months

Photo: @supercyrub_ — CC Palace Media

Follow my loc journey on Instagram: @helloposipaige

Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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